We are starting with the following three games. We recently took these games out of our original Hebrew Alphabet tutorial (“At Home with Hebrew” – see Learn Hebrew link at the right of this page), and made them web and smart-phone compatible.

1) Memory Game – you and the computer (or a friend) take turns turning over Hebrew letters, trying to find the matching pairs.  When you succeed, you get an extra turn. Play against the computer, or with a friend.

2) Speed Drill – Three Hebrew letters are displayed (from 1-4 seconds, depending on the option you set).  Then you click the same three letters from a list of three letters in the same column.  You have to be fast!

3) Hebrew Numbers Game – the computer will pronounce a 4, 7, or 10 digit number, and then you try to dial that same number.

Click here to play games: Free Hebrew Games

All games are iPhone and Android compatible! So enjoy using your smart phone and tablets to play.